Saturday, October 19, 2019

Unconditional Love

True Unconditional Love is not possible in a duality … since the requirement that there be no conditions is, in itself, a condition.  The best one can do is awaken the Godling within … and activate all the components of the Valued Self.

That is a lifelong journey … but the journey can be filled with as much love and fun as you believe is possible.


Lazaris describes Unconditional Love as follow (see my website

Unconditional Love is not about loving more or better;  its not love on steroids!  Rather, Unconditional Love is the result of a process by which we awaken our Valued Self - a process of Self Realization - wherein we release the deeply held, unconscious baggage (our Shadow) that limits our ability to be a clear expression of ourselves.  The process of awakening Love described earlier, is outward looking - how we give and receive love from those which we perceive as external to ourselves.  To Love Unconditionally means that we can love non-dualistically and without strings attached or limitations.  To do this we have to look inwards and awaken the seven components of the Valued Self:

Ramtha is saying basically the same thing (in simplified form) in today's quote:

“If we are Gods, as I have told you, then we are endowed with the responsibility of acting like them.  If we are Gods, it is up to no one to make us happy but ourself.  When we do love that which we are, then the God reigns in us because God is a giver and not a taker.  Then you can love unconditionally all people because you can love without the condition that they reciprocate.  Why would you need reciprocation if it is already in you?  This is the ultimate freedom and this is ultimately how a master loves.  And isn’t it beautiful?  You don’t have to worry about loving people anymore if they are too thin, or they are too old, or they are too young, or the color of their skin isn’t right, or their balance sheet is in the negative.  All that disappears because the genuineness of what you are is already there, and it has room for everyone.
“This is what we mean by unconditional love must be given to you first.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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