Sunday, October 13, 2019

Love who you are

“… the greatest way you are going to get love is to love yourself enough to release it (guilt, shame, victimhood).  How do you release it?  You replace that neuronet, hook it up.  Instead of “the sun”, hook it up to “a banana.”  And when the brain, as the computer, has the programming right, that is what will always fire.  That is true forgiveness and that is the act of self-love.
“You love yourself.  Never torture yourself.  Love yourself.  Never compare yourself to anyone else.  There is not anyone else like you.  You love yourself.  Don’t think love has to do with what you look like.  Love has to do with everything of substance in you.  So, give yourself love.  There is no one like you, so stop being like everyone else.  Stop thinking the world owes you something.  It doesn’t owe you anything.  You owe yourself.  Love yourself to forgive people in your life.  It is not that you just want them to be forgiven, it is you who want to be forgiven.  That is loving yourself.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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