Monday, October 28, 2019


We all know that feeling of stagnation … it’s sort of the opposite of fulfillment.  

That said, there is a need for  balance in a life and to respect the “In breath - Out breath” of manifestation.  

We live in a collective/consensus reality which means that it’s a cooperative adventure.  We also see our life only as a sequence of very limited 3D snapshots and through the lens of our imprinted belief system.  

I find Seth and Lazaris help a lot in giving each moment of life deeper meaning.  Seth takes the higher ground of the evolution of humanity and our consciousness … the great adventure that we’ve all signed up for.  Lazaris does that too, but they also provides techniques to improve our  conscious creation/manifestation abilities and, perhaps most important (in my view), techniques to connect with our Higher Self … the real self that sees the bigger picture.

Enjoy the moments.

“If you look at your life and go, “My God, I did create all of this; why couldn’t I have done better,” what is better?  You can only do what you know.  It is just that no one ever told you this and anytime someone tried to, there was always someone there to ridicule it.  No one ever gave you permission to dream.  Furthermore, no one ever told you the science of it.  No one ever gave you permission to change your life and to say that is good, because I want you to know that God is all about change.
“What is stagnant in in our life is boring.  It has been lived.  It has been done.  It has been thought.  It has been tasted, smelled, and felt.  That is boring.  That is stagnation to the Spirit.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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