Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Don't look for happiness outside of yourself

Ramtha’s quote shows one of the challenges for extroverts and the impossibility of successful co-dependent relationships.  Unfortunately, our popular media are full of how we should look and what we should have.  Chasing these commercial dreams leads to a hollowness of being and frustration.  

Lazaris draws a distinction between happiness and joy.  They define happiness as “completion of your needs” while joy is “the fulfillment of your dreams”.  I like joy!!!!!

“I began this little talk to you because I want you to know that understanding your life does not have to mean the end of your happiness.  Oftentimes it is the beginning of it.  You have looked around to everybody to try to find joy.  You know, you have married people and made them promise you that they were going to love you.  How about you promising you that you are going to love you?  Why in the world did you place that burden on someone else?  No one is capable of doing that.  There isn’t even a master in the unseen that has the power to love for you.  Why do you expect a mere mortal like yourself to be so responsible for loving you?
“Finding happiness in other people is only looking for misery because they are all going to disappoint you, just like you have disappointed everyone.  How many people were disappointed because you didn’t turn out the way they thought you should or look the way they think you should?  How many people have been disappointed or embarrassed by your crudeness or grossness?  You disappoint people all the time. That is nothing new.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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