Tuesday, October 29, 2019


According to Lazaris, change happens between the moments we manifest ... i.e. it happens in no time
and it is happening all the time.  Each moment is completely brand new.  We don't fix the past, we manifest completely new moments.

Change often appears to take time and struggle ... that's just a dance in time that we do based upon the beliefs that we hold.

It's fun some mornings when you wake up to look around and remember that what you're seeing is completely brand new .... and to look at the people in your life the same way, because they're brand new too.

Enjoy the journey!

“When you start to change, it is not about hurting anyone.  It is about the liberation of yourself.  When you change, the Observer up there changes in you and your whole life is going to go through a metamorphosis, and when it re-forms, it will reflect exactly your state of mind.  You have nothing to lose by loving yourself, only the past.
“What have you got to gain?  I am going to teach you how to dream like a God, how to accept the dream and to love the dream, to know that whatsoever sits here in the frontal lobe is, and to know the difference between the personality and the Spirit when it thinks.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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