Saturday, October 5, 2019

Blame is a neuronet, it can be changed

Today’s Ramtha shows that blame is just a thought in the brain … and, like any thought, it can be changed.  That’s what we do when we make conscious choices and decisions … we literally reprogram the brain and clear out “the trash” that was programmed into our neuronets throughout our formative years.  Working with the “Shadow” is another example of locating and changing negative/limiting neuronets with conscious intent.

Lazaris draws a distinction between “processing” and “programming” in learning to consciously manifest the reality of our dreams.  “Processing” involves become aware of our pre-programmed raw materials of manifestation - namely, our attitudes, beliefs, choices, decisions, thoughts and feelings; then to make conscious choices to reprogram/remove limiting raw materials such as the blame neuronet.   Processing also includes sharpening our tools of manifestations: desire, imagination and expectation.  

Only after we’ve done enough of that (it’s never complete and doesn’t need to be perfect) can our life become more enjoyable and we can live the life our spirit is dreaming for us.

“What happens is you have formulated a really rigid way of thinking.  You haven’t allowed your brain to mix it up yet.  And who determines the mixing up?  It is you who do that, so you are really set in blame.  But all blame is, is a neuronet.  It doesn’t exist anywhere out there.  Where is your blame?  Show me.  I don’t see it.  It is in here in the brain.  Why is it important to change the program?  Because when you change the program you change the pictures.  What happens when blame is let go and we shine the light of knowledge into this dark hole?  Then we begin to think anew.  The brain starts to react anew.  The Spirit starts filling you with a feeling that feels right.  The brain and reason argue with the feeling.  Who do you go with, a set way of thinking or something that feels right?  It has always been your choice.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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