Friday, October 25, 2019


We've probably all had moments where we've lost track of time.  That's when we are having a "soul" experience ... a sense of true fulfillment.

Lazaris describes several techniques for manifestation.  One of the simplest is to hold an image/feeling of what we desire for 33 seconds and then to release the focus with the expectation that there will be manifested signs of results in the next 72 hours.  It sounds simple, but it's often not that easy.  Try holding an image/feeling in mind for 33 seconds without a single change to the image or other thought.  Then try releasing that image with the confidence/expectation that the desired future outcome is yours ... and not to doubt or fuss about it after.  This takes practice.  It also requires that we process/clarify our building blocks and tools of manifestation for this to work.  For example, Lazaris speaks of a woman who dreamed of having a red corvette ... two days later her neighbour bought the car of her dreams.  The problem was that she held beliefs that metaphysics doesn't work so she manifested that belief!  

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“How long can you hold this focus up here in the frontal lobe? … In order to do that, it is sort of like working on a computer, making an image stay on the computer, and then slowly changing the image but never turning the computer screen off.  In the human body that is called focus.  The human personality doesn’t like to do that.  The personality likes to fly around and reconnect its boundaries.  The only aspect of you that has the power to hold the focus is the spiritual being that you really are, and it can make the focus stand still.  The moment you become that focus you lose all sense of time, place, and being. Suddenly you forget you are in this room, you forget you are in this body, but suddenly you are what you are focusing upon.  It is called analogical mind.  The moment you hit analogical mind you have set, as the Observer, this dream into being.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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