Sunday, October 20, 2019

Making Known the Unknown

This Ramtha quote sort of describes the Lazaris tools of manifestation, namely Desire, Imagination and Expectation.  

I tend to see things more abstractly than Ramtha’s seeming fixation on the physical brain … since we manifest the brain and body and perceptions all at once out of energy.  That said, I can see where the brain and body is like a process in the World of Action … where the processes of manifestation take place for each of us.  What we see as the physical brain and neuronets are symbolic representations of abstract processes taking place in the Causal and Astral planes of the World of Action. This makes me think of the movie The Matrix!

“It is the dreaming brain, given permission by the Spirit, that has created the life to make known the unknown and to create mind.  So, everything that you can see in your life, taste, smell, and feel, you have manifested.  That is the sum total of your mindful effort.”(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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