Monday, October 21, 2019


True dreaming is bigger than this lifetime.  I like the neuron analogy for incarnations ... i.e. incarnations are living and interacting simultaneously in their respective realities just like neurons. Karmic connections are similar to the dendrites of neurons ... i.e. the pathways of energetic exchanges between past, future and other lifetimes.  When the Higher Self dreams, these dreams appear differently to each incarnation and differently at each level of each psyche (conscious, subconscious, unconscious, etc.).

Lazaris talked about how we launch a journey of awakening in our lifetime.  We do it by either awakening love, awakening unconditional love, learning to consciously manifest and developing communication and union with the Higher Self.  From my experience: a living, real, conscious connection with the Higher Self is essential for "putting the self back together" and being in harmony with the greater dream that is our multidimensional True Self.

Lazaris makes a distinction between dreams and fantasies.  Dreams are part of the manifestation process while fantasies represent things we don’t really have any intent to manifest (like reading fiction books).  Here, Ramtha points out that true dreaming is like high magic … i.e. it involves the True Self comprising multiple incarnations and past and future possibilities. 
It’s difficult for us since we only see snapshots of reality coloured by our beliefs and we never see the big picture for this lifetime, let alone the complete set of all lifetimes.  I suppose that’s what makes it such a captivating and fulfilling experience.

“Why is it that some dreams don’t come true?  Based on this model, the Observer creates reality with what the Observer focuses upon.  Why would some of your dreams not come true?  This is very important because for those of you who are skeptical, you know where your skepticism comes from?  Your skepticism comes from knowing full well that life is very hard, and real is very difficult, and daydreaming is for idiots.
“You only know the bottom line.  Your skepticism has prevented the greater dreams ever manifesting because the dream, whatever it is for you, is a dream made up of multitudinous dendrites in harmony.  This dream has its own neuronet.  It is just as alive in the brain as your arm is alive in your brain.  The brain doesn’t see any difference between your arm and your dream.  Now who does?  It is called the logic center. The logic center is the Antichrist because in this center everything is weighed whether it is good or bad, yes or no, higher or lower, past or future, black or white, all of those silly things.  Logic is about judging.”
(Ramtha:  Who Are We Really?)

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