Wednesday, October 30, 2019


“So God, primary consciousness, you might say went about its great mission to make known the unknown interacting with all that it was, all that it loved, but went on and walked away and kept creating in yonder valley.  The Gods are mining creation here – that is their mission – but what they have left behind is never behind.  We call each creation simply life, the life being the analogical expression that God gave as consciousness and awareness to that form.
“In life and its awareness, whether it be the seeds of its own regeneration, the doingness of created life brings back to the creator the great gift.  The great gift in simplistic terms is that all of these lifeforms, these ideas from the mind of God, really didn’t come from the mind of God.  They came from God as consciousness and energy, and it was God who gave them life.  The continuation of their life and the propagation of their ability to idealize concepts – even mass to mass to create and to experience – generated a form of thought.  We know clearly that it is not the brain that creates mind, nor is it consciousness and energy, although it is the substance in which mind would spring.  Mind is a phenomenon that is the result of consciousness and energy on the brain, its ability to move within its river of consciousness upon its vista to perpetuate and create within its capacity so the mind of that living form will flow back into the God mining new life in the valley.  That is called the gift back to God.  It is called essentially the mind of God.  God has no mind.  Mind is the reporting card of the adventures of life, and God’s mind is determined then by what has been created and its free will to live.
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

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