Wednesday, April 25, 2018

We emit viruses

“… viruses that you consider communicable do indeed in one way or another represent communications on a biological level. They are biological statements, literally social communications, biologically made, and they can be of many kinds.
“When a skunk is frightened, it throws off a foul odor indeed, and when people are frightened they react in somewhat the same fashion at times, biologically reacting to stimuli in the environment that they consider alarming.  They throw off a barrage of “foul viruses” – that is, they actually collect and mobilize from within their own bodies viruses that are potentially harmful, biologically trigger these, or activate them, and send them out into the environment in self-protection, to ward off the enemy.
“In a fashion, this is a kind of biological aggression.  The viruses, however, also represent tensions that the person involved is getting rid of. That is one kind of statement.  It is often used in a very strong manner in times of war, or great social upheaval, when people feel frightened.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment,Session 906)

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