Friday, April 20, 2018


This is a very clear statement of the rationale for reincarnation.

Note that reincarnation in the Seth context is not bounded by linear time; rather, at any moment, all possible incarnations (past, present, future, alternate, parallel, etc.) occur all at once to form an expansive, rich soul experience!

By that bright spot in the tapestry that is your soul!


“In the vast structure of probable activity, however, far more differentiation was still necessary, and this is provided for through the inner passageways of reincarnational existence.
“Each person, for example, is born with his or her uniquely individual set of characteristics and abilities, likes and dislikes.  Those serve to organize individual action in a world where an infinite number of roads are open – and here again, private impulses are basically meant to guide each individual toward avenues of expression and probable activities suited best to his or her development.  They are meant, therefore, as aids to help organize action, and to set free will more effectively into motion.  Otherwise, free will would be almost improbable in practical terms: Individuals would be faced by so many choices that any decisions would be nearly impossible. Essentially, the individual would have no particular leaning toward any one action over any other.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value FulfillmentSession 904)

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