Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rita - the purpose of creation

The purpose of creation

DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location's 4849). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition

(Q)  Charles: "Rita said yesterday, 'What is beneficial to the non-3D world, as I have explained before, is that the conditions of 3D life allow the creation of non-3D minds that could not have come into existence otherwise'.  So, a 3D life is 'successful', adds a new perspective to non-3D and is therefore retained as a thread for a new soul.  And this process continues on and on for what purpose?  But, doesn't everyone in 3D have an insatiable quest to know what all (3D, non-3D, unitary beings, etc.) this is for?  Is it for 'curiosity' as Bruce Moen suggests, 'play' as Joseph Chilton Pearce suggests, or as Edgar Cayce said in a reading, 'God's desire for companionship and expression'?"

(A)  The purpose may be simply stated as the cooperative construction of ever-more-intricate and versatile windows on 3D through the creation of ever-more-intricate actors in 3D.

Now, you may look at one or another aspect of this and come down with very different ideas about it.  If you trace the larger being's purposes, life in 3D is seen as one thread in a tapestry. If you trace any particular thread's "progress" through the weaving, life is seen as a journey, a progression, a rising or sinking in development.

(Q)  The latter is closer to what people typically think of as reincarnation, I think.

(A)  Yes, because it is what it looks like when you proceed from that point of view. That's why I am laying much more emphasis on the view from the larger being's end, as balance.

Now, as to the purpose beyond this immediate purpose, that may have to wait until the fish develop better TV reception.  I'd prefer to stick to topics that actually bear on your lives as you live them.  What use is it to allow yourselves to be distracted from what you can do (and, one might say, are responsible to do)?

(Q)  Well, as Charles says, there is a certain natural curiosity.

(A)  Yes, there is - and I would prefer that it stays focused on what it can learn to understand and (in the positive sense of the term) manipulate, rather than be dissipated in idle speculation.

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