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Soulmates and resonance

Soulmates and resonance

DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location's 4965). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition

(Q) [Charles quotes a question from Suzanne: "I wonder if Rita could comment on the idea of soulmates.  I think of it not necessarily as 'that person you were destined to marry', but as a particularly strong feeling you get, when you meet someone, that you have known them all along and/or have been waiting to find them. What is going on when that happens? Are we recognizing 'strands' that we have been part of before?  (If the topic has already been addressed, disregard.  I did a search for soulmate and saw nothing came up.)"]

(A)  The guys talked to us of soulmates and explained that the concept arises from the mistaken view that individuals are unitary rather than compound, though they didn't put it that way.  Like most concepts, it can have a utility, but like most concepts, it is easily overemphasized and mistaken for a rule or an invariant or inflexible description of reality

Clearly the phenomenonexists, or there would be no concept seeking to explain it.  But the fact that an inexplicable resonance between people exists does not mean that a given concept is the best way, let alone, the only way, to explain it. In this context, the explanation you offer - that it is a recognition of a strand that you have been part of before - is close, but it might be better to see it as a recognition of a strand that you share.  No past tense about it.

But more to the point, why the question?  That is, why is the question arising within you, and why now, and what is the answer going to affect?  Understand, I am not criticizing the question.  I am saying that introspection into the genesis of the question and its importance to you may be worthwhile.

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