Friday, April 6, 2018


“I do not know how to explain some of this, but in your terms, there is light within darkness.  Light has more manifestations than its physical version, so that even when it may or may not be physically manifested there is light everywhere, and that light is the source of your physical version and its physical laws.  In a manner of speaking, light itself forms darkness.  Each unit of consciousness, whatever its degree, is, again, composed of energy – and that energy manifests itself with a kind of light that is not physically perceived: a light that is basically, now, far more intense that any physical variety, and a light from which all colors emerge.
“The colors of which you are aware represent a very small portion of light’s entire spectrum, just physically speaking, but the spectrum you recognize represents only one inconceivably small portion of other fuller spectrums – spectrums that exist outside of physical laws.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 900)

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