Friday, April 13, 2018

Compound and unitary beings

Compound and unitary beings

DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location's 4594). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition

(A)  ... Do we in non-3D - as part of compound beings- interface with other, non-compound, beings in non-3D.  And thatis a different story.

Remember, the guys began with us by telling us that the difference between them and us was not a difference in essence but in circumstance.

(Q)  The same thing, expressing in different terrain, they said.

(A)  But now that we have refined that understanding, we see that it isn't exactly different terrain - non-3D is the same as 3D physically, but our perception here has been freed of the limitations that made us (to varying extents) perceive higher dimensions as if they were aspects of time, as I said.  So, while it is convenient to speak of 3D and non-3D, it remains important to realize that this is convenience, not literal distinction.  We are where you are; you are where we are; the reason you are not constantly aware of it has to do with limitations on your consciousness, not from your "moving" or not moving here or there.  It's all here.

So, bearing that in mind, the true distinction is between compound beings and unitary beings.  There isn't some additional dimension we must climb into in order to deal with non-compound beings, and there isn't some tangible distinction in terrain as there is between 3D and non-3D.  What remains is a difference in essential nature.  Thereis the frontier, or the challenge, or the opportunity for interaction and growth.

(Q)  Looking back at the question, I'm not sure Charles or anyone will feel you quite answered it.

(A)  I beganto answer it.  Clearing away shrubbery - as you say - is an important part of moving to new understanding.  Unlearning what you thought you know, or, mostly, realizing what you had been taking for granted, and ceasing to do so, is as important a step as emptying a glass so you can fill it with something different.

(Q)  Are you now in a position to fill it with something different?

(A)  I am.  Youare not.  By which I mean, not that you are necessarily unprepared for more (some are, some are not, but it will always be so as people come to this material), but that there is an educational value in the pause after one step and before another.

(Q)  Letting it marinate.

(A)  That's right. Time spent pondering is always time well spent, regardless of whether or not you come up with new insights as a result. It is always good to live with new material, for the continuous slowly boiling mixture that you are will send different elements to the surface as time moves, and so the material will be folded in more thoroughly.

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