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DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location's 4309). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition

(Q)  [Charles said, "And this sentence from today's session is a mind-stopper.  It turns 'free will' completely upside down from any previous understanding.  'The logical confusion lies in thinking that the free will is somehow dependent upon the result of the choice, rather than in the nature of the choice as affirming a set of values in the person choosing'.  Can more be added to it?"]

(A)  Why would anyone consider a choice in terms of the results it produced, externally, rather than the results it produced (and, really, revealed) internally?

If free will were about negotiating a morass, then I suppose the results could be "scored" according to results, although even there, one's values would determine how one scored it.  But it is about shaping your soul; continual choosing among alterrnative reactions to seemingly external provocations or stimuli.  In such case, how can the nature of free will be in dispute?

(Q)  I can remember when this free will business as the whole purpose of 3D existence wasn't nearly as clear to you.  When the guys first came in with it, I'd have to look up the result, but I remember it as being a new idea to you.

(A)  It is clear enough now!  If 3D is to shape a soul, and the shaping is to be done by the presentation of opportunities to see one's own characteristics as if externally seen, what would be the point of constricting the choices?

(Q)  You don't need to persuade me!  I'm just reminding you, you didn't always see things that way.

(A)  No, but by 2008 I certainly did, and had for some while.  Do you think any more needs to be said on the subject?

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