Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Seth on the origins of good and evil

Here's another synchronicity, Seth's brief comment on the origin of good and evil (something that Rita has been talking about for quite a few sessions!).

The pain-pleasure duality is still used today to motivate the self and others, but Seth notes that our innate wiring is for value fulfillment: for oneself, humanity, all species, Gaia, and everything and every level of All That Is.  Our dilemma is that we define artificial boundaries and invoke dualistic concepts within these artificial constraints - constraining concepts such as good and evil, pain and pleasure, me and not me, etc. - which tend to derail our innate predisposition to achieving our full potential while contributing in our unique, personal way, to the greater good.

That being said, "All is well" as pointed out by Rita, because in our 3D reality of time slices we never have a big enough picture to make a complete assessment of good and evil.

“Some things were definitely pleasant, and some were not.  Some stimuli were to be sought out, and others avoided, and so over a period of time he translated the pleasant and the unpleasant into rough versions of good and evil.
“Basically, what made him feel good was good.  He was gifted with strong clear instincts that were meant to lead him toward his own greatest development, to his own greatest fulfillment, in such a way that he also helped to bring about the highest potentials of all of the other species of consciousness.  His natural impulses were meant to provide inner directives that would guide him in just such a direction, so that he sought what was the best for himself and for others.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 899)

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