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DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location's 4436). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition

(Q)  [Charles: "Rita said, 'Much that seems abnormal and even catastrophic around you - the explosion of autism, for instance - bears within it the seeds of things unsuspected but not therefore undesirable'.  I think anyone who is or knows someone who is autistic would appreciate knowing more about the 'seeds of things unsuspected but not therefore undesirable'.  I'm thinking particularly of parents I know who have an autistic child having difficulty coping in 3D.  What can they learn from non-3D that can help both the child and the family?"]

(A)  The response is based in a misunderstanding, perhaps.  What I did notmean in particular was that autism, or any other physical condition that distorted a given person's relation within the 3D world, was in and of itself necessarily a precursor of a change in the conditions of life.  What I didmean was that lives lived under such conditions produced souls with a very different experience of life, hence with a very different composition.

(Q)  I get that you're meaning that, again, the important thing is not the 3D experience but the non-3D soul that emerges from that experience and that such souls are different somehow from souls that have not gone through something similar.

(A)  Yes, only don't exaggerate the difference.  Just as autism is in some ways similar to people's experience of life under heavy cocaine usage, so in a different way it may be similar to lives lived under permanent or persistent physical afflictions that by their persistence add a certain flavor to the life, hence to the soul.

So, to answer the question as posed, I'd say don't expect that the condition will necessarily produce anything recognizable from within 3D existence. It may; it may not.  But the fact that 3D is now throwing off so many autistic individuals means that the non-3D is receiving more souls shaped in such circumstances - just as it is receiving many souls shaped by the life-times overshadowed by drug usage - and, therefore, it will have an effect.  But given that the effect of anyone's addition to the non-3D mind is not obvious to you in 3D, you mustn't expect to be aware of the difference, nor is it necessarily important that you be.

(Q)  "The seeds of things unsuspected" had more to do with the non-3D pool of possibilities presented by diverse minds than with anything seen in the body.

(A)  Yes, but not entirely yes.  Over time this will affect 3D reality as well.  However, you may or may not make the connection.  But that's enough on this for the moment.

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