Tuesday, May 21, 2019

You Create Your Own Reality (YCYOR)

Today's Seth reminds me of Deepak Chopra's first book "Quantum Healing" - well worth reading by the way.  The book describes how he took on patients that were basically untreatable with allopathic medicine alone and using Ayurvedic medicine concepts he was able to completely cure some people. The underlying ideas were (as I see it) that (1) YCYOR, (2) the body is a river not a rock (i.e. it's condition is in a dynamic balance), and (3) mind interacts with quantum potential to generate life.  His classic line when meeting a cancer patient for the first time was "Why are you still doing this?", given that there is nothing in the body older than 7 years (most cells and even molecules have a much shorter time in a physical body).  For some that was too big a leap of understanding.  For those that made that leap and worked with the mind and body were the ones who had complete recoveries (not just remissions!).

“If you do have health problems, it is much better to look for their reasons in your immediate experience, rather than assigning them a cause in the distant past.  The reasons for maladies are almost always present in current life experience – and even though old events from childhood may have originally activated unhealthy behavior, it is present beliefs that allow old patterns of activity to operate. …
“You must realize that you do create your own reality because of your beliefs about it.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session May 26, 1984)

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