Sunday, May 19, 2019

No "Karmic Punishment"

In the previous quote, Seth points out that: "in one way or another the events of one living experience are reflected in each other living experience.  I am not saying that events in one life cause the events in another, but that there is an overall pattern – a bank of probable events – and that in each life each individual chooses those that suit his or her overall private purposes.  Yet those lives will be connected."  In many way these probable events are like a pallet of colours that we draw from ... along with our willing soul buddies who share our purposes and interests ... to imaginatively create new experiences in new contexts.

Metatron refers to epochs (similar to Seth's patterns) ... more like puddles of probabilities.  These are nested ... that is: there are personal epochs embedded in group epochs embedded in epochs of civilization embedded in epochs of humanity on Earth embedded in ... etc.

Lazaris in their channeling "Reality Creation, The Basics" similarly points out the non-existence of time in the realm of soul, spirit and mind and the inevitable conclusion that there is no such thing as causation as we know it - i.e. the causality that we manifest in the linear time slices of 3D perception that we know of as physical reality is an illusion.

What is even more difficult for us to understand is that not only are we choosing to manifest from "already existing" probable realities ... but we are also creating whole new possibilities which may, or may not, become probabilities or manifested physical realities for us.

In many ways, quantum mechanics is probably the best metaphor that we have right now for understanding the manifestation process.  Have fun with the idea of life as an electron (or some other fundamental particle) and imagine what that feels like in the nested groupings of matter - particle embedded in an atom embedded in molecule embedded in a cell embedded in your finger ... etc.

“Many proponents of reincarnation believe most firmly that an illness in one life most frequently has its roots in a past existence, and that reincarnational regression is therefore necessary to uncover the reasons for many current illnesses or dilemmas.
“There is also a rather conventional stereotype version of karma that may follow such beliefs.  Therefore, you may be punished in this life for errors you have committed in a past one, or you may actually be making up for a mistake made thousands of years ago. Again, all of a person’s reincarnational existences are, indeed, connected – but the events in one life do not cause the events in the next one.
“I must remind you once more that all time happens simultaneously, so the confused belief about punishment now, in retaliation for past action would actually be meaningless, since in simultaneous time all actions would be occurring at once.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session May 26, 1984)

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