Friday, May 17, 2019

Dream analogy for reincarnation

Today’s Seth is probably a great way to view reincarnation.  Other metaphors include going to a library and reading a book and dreaming the life … or there’s always the "let’s get our soul buddies together and act out our version of this historic play" …. etc.

“Most of your experience happens directly, where senses, imagination, motion and physical actually meet.  In dreams, however, you often feel as if you are in another location entirely, and all of your senses seem pivoted in that location.  Your experience is separated from your usual living area, in other words.  You may dream that you are running or walking or flying, yet those activities are divorced enough from that area where imagination, motion, and physical actuality meet, so that your body remains quiet, relatively speaking, while you seem to be moving freely somewhere else.
“In a fashion, reincarnation can partially be explained using the same kind of analogy.  You may have many existences at once – but each one has its own living area, upon which that portion of you focuses. In fact, that portion has its own name and selfhood and is master of its own castle, so to speak.
“Each self has its own inviolate point where imagination, motion, and physical actuality intersect.  Like the child play-acting, however, events occur within events, all dramatically real and vivid, all eliciting specific responses and actions, and each one possessing its own private living area.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session May 22, 1984)

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