Saturday, May 18, 2019

Events are reflected in all Lifetimes

When we think about today’s Seth quote and look around, we’re probably surrounded by subtle reflections of events from other lifetimes that are reflected differently in this one (like living in a hall of mirrors!).  

Of course, the souls we choose to act out parts in this serial episodic drama we think of as human life are often the same ones (our buddies) playing out different roles in ways that moves each of us along on our path of fulfillment.  

But the idea that, for example, the name of the town we live in, pets that have meaning to us, things in newspapers or on the news, events in this life, dreams, etc. can be reflections of past and future lives should give us cause to pay more attention to the details of life and to feel the connections that bring us all together outside of time and space.

Have fun with that 

“… in one way or another the events of one living experience are reflected in each other living experience.
“I am not saying that events in one life cause the events in another, but that there is an overall pattern – a bank of probable events – and that in each life each individual chooses those that suit his or her overall private purposes. Yet those lives will be connected. An individual may have a serious illness in one life.  That event may turn up as one uncomfortable nightmare in another existence.  In still another life, the individual might have a dear friend who suffers from the same disease.  In still another existence the individual might decide to be a doctor, to seek a cause and a cure for the same disease.
“No one is fated, however, to suffer in one life for any crimes committed in another.  The reasons and purposes for one’s own existence in any life can be found directly in life itself.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session May 23, 1984)

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