Tuesday, May 28, 2019

No "Evil" Beliefs

I like the analogy of thoughts/beliefs as weather systems … since they do have energy and can be constructive or destructive depending upon the context or situation.  Also, I like the idea of having opinions about things instead of making absolute judgments.  Judgments that something is “good” or “evil” are unfounded since nothing is absolute and all we have is a very limited perception in time and space.  Historically, these kind of judgments have fuelled countless needless wars!

“… in a fashion beliefs themselves are tools, and in some situations beliefs that seem quite negative can also clear the way for more beneficial ones.  With all of this discussion of negative beliefs, therefore, it is a good idea not to call any beliefs bad or evil in themselves. They are no more bad or evil in their own way, say, than viruses are in theirs.  If you look upon them in that manner, you will avoid being overwhelmed by what seems to be an endless parade of negative thoughts and beliefs that can only lead to destruction.  Instead, compare the negative beliefs, for example, with the storms that sweep the country:  they have their purposes – and all in all those purposes tend to promote and support life itself.”(The Way Toward Health,Session May 31, 1984)

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