Monday, May 20, 2019

Each life is its own unique vantage point

If we think of the Cosmos as some infinite holographic field of possibilities which we explore with a pair of lasers (our individual laser and a context laser) then our process of manifestation in a reincarnational setting looks like narrowly focusing on disparate regions of the infinite All That Is.  These disparate regions are connected by the nature or our essence (our true "soul personality").  We are attracted to domains of possibilities that make sense to us and align with our "soul's" pursuits

Luckily we never run out of possibilities to explore because each act of exploration (each "lifetime") creates new possibilities.

“Each life, regardless of its nature, possesses its own unique vantage point, and an individual may sometimes take an obscure or a long-lasting disease simply to present himself or herself with experience that most others would shun. An individual might seek such a vantage point in order to look at the universe in a different fashion, asking questions that perhaps could not be answered if asked from any other position.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session May 26, 1984)

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