Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The times, they are a changing

When your read today’s Seth it’s not hard to see this happening globally … where it all goes who knows (our non-3D sees the possibilities but where we end up depends upon us making choices and decisions along the way).  It was interesting to ask the Transcendors about future probabilities … they always answered in a percentage (down to one decimal point).  It appeared they took inventory of all the possibilities and looked at the probabilities of us making choices and decisions along the way.  The further in the future the more things washed out.  They likened reality to a cobweb where we’re sitting at a node (a moment in time and space) and there are a myriad of threads branching out with each pulse of our linear time (we create snapshots roughly 50 times per second and arrange them linearly).  It’s easy to see that it doesn’t take too many “clock ticks” before the number of possibilities are literally astronomical!

“As “the times change” you tire of the old ways. Even your dreams begin to reach out into new avenues.  The relationships between nature’s natural conservative behavior and nature’s need for innovation are stretched.  More and more remarkable events begin to occur, both in private and mass experience, in physical and mental behavior, in the events, say, of both stars and man.
“People want, then, to throw aside old structures of belief.  They yearn, often without recognizing it, for the remembered knowledge of early childhood, when it seems that they experienced for a time a dimension of experience in which the unexpected was taken for granted, when “magical events” occurred quite naturally.  They begin to look at the structure of their lives in a different fashion that attempts to evoke from nature, and from their own natures, some graceful effortlessness, some freedom nearly forgotten.  They begin to turn toward a more natural and a more magical approach to their own lives. At such times the conserving elements in nature and in society itself do not seem as strong as they did before. Surprising events that were earlier covered up or ignored seem to appear with greater frequency, and everywhere a new sense of quickness and acceleration gradually alters the expectations of people in regard to the events of their own lives, and to the behavior they expect from others.  You are in such times now.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 936)

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