Thursday, September 27, 2018

An infinite number of realities

Today’s Seth basically says that all possibilities actually exist.  To us, they appear as quantum potentials and we “pop” into experience the one’s that make sense to us.  It’s a bit as if the universe was an infinite hologram and we intersect a ‘laser beam” from the shared reality with our own personal “laser beam” to light up a moment in 3D space and linear time that makes sense to us and everyone around us.

That sounds very simple, but here’s an interesting example that Lazaris gave.  Years ago after Los Angeles experienced a major earthquake during a World Series baseball game, someone asked Lazaris about the people that died.  Without hesitation he pointed out that those who held a strong belief that that “was the big one” are now experiencing a reality where the San Andreas fault broke apart.  For the rest of us, we didn’t hold that belief so here we are.

The implication of this is that we meet the version of people that share the same shared beliefs about physical reality in each moment of our lives.  Conversely, there’ a 3D version of us experiencing every other possibility which, to those versions, are just as real as this one.

It’s pretty amazing and incomprehensible with our 3D physical brain … but it’s a “no brainer” for our non-3D self and Higher Self!

“The entire picture of physical life as you understand it must be of course experienced from your own viewpoint, but its complexity, its order and magnificence of structure and design should be understood as composing but one example of the infinite number of realities, each constructed by the propensities and characteristics of its own nature and the nature of its own consciousness.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)

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