Friday, September 28, 2018

Inner references

According to Frank deMarco in his channelling of "Rita's World", Carl Jung used the term "unconscious mind" as a convenience but never meant it to be taken literally.  

What Seth shows us is that what we call consciousness is only the "edge" of consciousness of the entity that we are touching this physical reality ... projecting like a flashlight exploring the holographic multiverse that is this universe.  

Similarly, there are aspects of our greater Self projecting and exploring other realities, both dimensional and non-dimensional.  We get a glimpse of some of this in our dreams, where we try to remember the feelings and gestalts of awareness from other realities that we're exploring.  In fact, when we sleep and can't remember our dreams, often it is because we've tapped into realities that defied representation in terms of 3D symbols in a linear time sequence.

“The word “unconscious” is in a fashion meaningless. There are endless versions [of consciousness], of course, with their own worlds, forming organizations of meaning and purpose.  Some of these mingle with your own and vice versa.  The “inner structure” is one of consciousness, and the deeper questions can eventually only be approached by granting the existence of inner references.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)

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