Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dreams occur at many levels

This is today’s Seth quote.  It is fun to imagine what reality looks like to an electron, a chromosome, a cell, you name it … all of these projections of consciousness dream at multiple levels.  This makes for interesting meditations!

Even dreams that we are aware of, are targeted to specific levels in the vast extent of our consciousness.  Using the ocean as a metaphor, we are only aware of the surface waves and the winds of energy blowing around in our physical reality.  In fact, we’re more like an infinite tube of ocean water … with layers and unique lifeforms in each layer and different currents of energy moving in each layer.  The non-3D sees the whole, “vertical” extent of our consciousness and is sending dreams, thoughts, energy, etc. to targeted layers in order to maintain stability and value fulfillment for the whole column.  Some of these deeper currents generate surface waves which we become aware of …others are not even noticed or, at best, they are felt as an energy shift, a gestalt of awareness, or something like that.

“Dreams occur at so many levels of reality that it is quite impossible to describe their true scope.  For one thing, that scope includes levels that are consciously unknown to you.  Dreams serve as backup systems also, for example, in the important communications between various peoples or nations – and, particularly when physical communication is cut off between such groups, dreams provide the continuation of information’s flow from one part of the species to another.
“There are dreams of different import, some triggered genetically, that serve as sparks for particular kinds of behavior – dreams, in other words, that literally span the centuries in that regard, coiled latently in the very chromosomes; and no level of consciousness is without some kind of participation in dream states.  In that regard, even electrons, for example, dream. Dreaming touches upon both microscopic and macroscopic events, or realities, and is not simply a human characteristic, appropriately appearing within your own range or within your own species.  It is instead one area of subjective experience that is everywhere prevailing within the universe.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 935)

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