Sunday, September 23, 2018

Events can be experienced in many ways

Today’s Seth talks about how “events” … individual or collective … are manifested/experienced at multiple levels in a playful but precise tapestry of being.  Modern science doesn’t understand that weather and the planet respond to consciousness … both the sentience of Gaia, including all three “kingdoms” (mineral, plant and animal) and, of course, human: collective, individual, local groups, nations (any “We” for that matter).  These manifestations of psychic energy find outlet in the most beneficial ways while balancing the infinity of desires, imaginings and expectations of all involved and also balancing short and long term needs.

Coincidentally, I was reading a piece entitled “The Meaning of Disasters” from Frank deMarco’s book “The Sphere and the Hologram”.  The discussion revolved around why there are events like the extinction of dinosaurs, 911, and other “catastrophes” and what role “The Guys Upstairs” played in orchestrating these events.

Here are a few quotes I found interesting:

“Now, the orchestrating of an event that can have long term, hopefully positive, effects on society - which, as we have said, only interests us (TGU - The Guys Upstairs) in that it helps to mold people closer to their potential - that’s worth an awful lot of transient human suffering, because the alternative is not a lack of suffering, the alternative is suffering of an entirely different kind.”

Bear in mind that because we have free will and choice, our TGU sees the big picture and presents us with opportunities (Plan A) for our individual and collective value fulfillment.  But, because we don’t always follow the plan (due to our free will and choice) … our TGU keeps coming up with Plan B, C, … and ad infinitum.

“We’re saying an event has initial consequences and then the secondary consequences and tertiary and quaternary. …

“Again, you all see things necessarily in time-slices.  Because you see time-slices, you can’t possibly see them the way we do.  What you call the tragedies of World War I and World War II, and everything in between, not to mention the Cold War afterwards, we would look at as the seismic interruption of a world culture that had kind of reached a dead end.  This resulted in the freeing of many countries that had been colonies - which in turn had good and bad effects.  The level of civilization dropped.  But it’s still better for people to work out their own destiny than to be held as children.  It’s not that simple, but we’re trying to give you a simple example."

“There are decisions in which each individual plays a part that are made in fields of activity that you usually do not even realize exist.
“The people of a nation can at any given moment decide to activate or experience a particular event almost entirely in the physical realm, or to separate its elements in such a way that half of it is experienced physically and the other half in dream reality.  Transformations of energy occur of course constantly, so that, say, a probable physical storm can instead appear as an economic one.
“[An event] can appear as an emotional storm on the part of large numbers of people.  It can instead appear as a series, say, of frightening dreams.  At each point of its existence such an event can weave in and out of such manifestations, largely dissipating itself.  An adverse physical situation, such as an illness, may turn into “a frightening dream”, yet in all such cases the necessary standards of self-integrity are maintained.
“The same alterations apply of course for fortunate events, which may be experienced through full physical expression, or through a series of manifestations that might also involve social or economic happenings, or the occurrence of splendid weather conditions – the insertion of excellent almost perfect summerlike days, or whatever.
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 937)

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