Monday, September 10, 2018

Magical Approach

“The entire idea of the magical approach is of itself sustaining.
“It should remind you of the true effortlessness that is in a fashion responsible for your very existence.  When you become overly concerned or worried in any area, remember that you are thinking those thoughts while the process of thinking is utterly effortless.  That realization alone can further remind you that the conscious mind does not have to have all the information required.  It only needs to have the faith that means are available – even if those means are beyond its own scope of activity.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 934)

The magical approach works and is effortless … things can work out without struggle if we hold the belief that they can and if they align with where our non-3D self is going.  

That is what living in a state of grace looks like … our cells live like that, the rest of the plant and animal kingdom live like that but because we self analyze with very limited information in a context of 3D snapshots popped into experience one after the other in a world that we think to be outside of us - consequently we generate all kinds of worry and struggle.  Of course these very worries and imaginings energize those undesirable possibilities attracting them into our reality if we aren’t careful.  

It reminds me of learning to drive a car and staying in the lane down a highway - the trick was to focus on where you want to go (well ahead down the centre of the lane) rather than look just in front of the hood and go nuts trying to avoid all the potential misdirections (e.g. like driving by a line of cones - if you look at the nearby cones you go unstable and ultimately knock a few over).

It is often said “Let go and let God”.  I agree with Lazaris that this hands off approach is not what the creative source in us came here for.  Instead, I like the idea of active detachment - the kind of detachment an outfielder needs to catch a ball by moving to where it’s going to be instead of standing still and watching it hit the ground beside him.  This makes me wonder how many beautiful possibilities (beautiful potential realities) have landed beside me throughout my lifetime because I didn’t see them coming and didn’t know that they were the one’s I was supposed to catch!

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