Saturday, June 22, 2019

Unfortunate beliefs about aging

We’ve talked about the importance of beliefs many times in workshops, this BLOG, etc.  In this Seth quote, Seth points out that our cultural imprinting and big pharma commercials have resulted in a whole host of subtle and not so subtle negative beliefs about aging.  It’s tough to undo those beliefs because they’re repeatedly projected on TV (neurolinguistic programming in TV ads) and by literally everybody we talk to … particularly among the elderly with terrible health.

“The weight of unfortunate beliefs perhaps falls heaviest on the older segments of the population, for the beliefs have had a longer period of time to operate relatively unimpeded.
“Those particular beliefs actually take hold in young adults, so that it seems that all of life is meant to come to its fullest flower in young adulthood, and then from that prestigious position fall quicker and quicker into disuse and disarray.
“… Again, to a certain degree, religion and science – and the medical sciences in particular – seem devoted to encouraging the most negative beliefs about human nature.  It is taken for granted that all mental, physical, spiritual and emotional satisfactions become lesser with advancing age.  It is taken for granted that memory fails, the body weakens, the senses stagnate, and the emotional vividness dims.  It is often considered scandalous to even imagine sexual activity after the age of even 40 or 50.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 7, 1984)

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