Monday, June 10, 2019

No need to "fix" the past

Lazaris often said that change happens in an instant.  Given that we generate our 3D perception of our world out of raw energy appearing to occur 55 times a second ... when we change then the next moment is a completely new moment (complete with a believable probable past and the corresponding probable futures) and not a "fixed" past.  

This change may appear to take hours, days, years, lifetimes depending upon our beliefs about how difficult change is ... but when we make a fundamental choice that creates change then new realities spring forth as soon as we are willing to accept them.

Given our strong belief in time and associated struggle, it is hard for us to accept what Seth and Lazaris are telling us.  It is true, however, and masters like Jesus, etc. got it and performed miracles and changed the course of history.  That’s the untapped power present in all of us.

“Again, because of the simultaneous nature of time, beliefs can be changed in the present moment.
“There is no need to search endlessly into the past of this life or any other, for the “original” cause for beliefs.  Making a change in the present of a certain kind will automatically alter all beliefs “across the board”, so to speak.  It is important, however, that you do not strain too hard to achieve results, but allow yourself some leeway.  You react to your beliefs habitually, often unthinkingly, and in usual ideas of time, and in your experience of it – you must allow yourself “some time” to change that habitual behavior.
“As you do, you will discover yourself reacting to the desired beliefs as easily and automatically as you did to the undesirable ones.  As you do, keep the idea of child’s play in mind, however. This will allow you to keep the entire affair in a kind of suspension.
“The child plays at being an adult long before he is one, and so you can play with more desirable beliefs while you are still growing into that more beneficial picture.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 3, 1984)

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