Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Reawakening the childhood beliefs

Lazaris describes the "spiritual adult" as the synergy of the "playful child", "the curious adolescent" and the "nurturing parent".  In today's Seth, we see the "playful child's" belief system in many of its dimensions.

“The thoughts and beliefs that we want to rearouse are those that were often predominant in childhood, as mentioned earlier in this book.  They are spiritual, mental, emotional and biological beliefs that are innately present in the birth of each creature.  
       Children believe not only that there will be a tomorrow, and many tomorrows, but they also believe that each tomorrow will be rewarding and filled with discovery.
       They feel themselves couched in an overall feeling of security and safety, even in the face of an unpleasant environment or situation.  
       They feel drawn to other people and to other creatures, and left alone they trust their contacts with others.
       They have an inbred sense of self-satisfaction and self-appreciation, and they instinctively feel that it is natural and good for them to explore and develop their capabilities.
       They expect relationships to be rewarding and continuing, and expect each event will have the best possible results.  
       They enjoy communication, the pursuit of knowledge, and they are filled with curiosity.
       “All of these attitudes provide the strength and mental health that promotes their physical growth and development.”

(The Way Toward HealthSession June 3, 1984)

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