Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Spontaneity - the spirit of life itself

“Spontaneity, however, represents the spirit of life itself, and it is the basis for the will to live, and for those impulses that stimulate action, motion, and discovery.
“In the truest regard, your life is provided for you by these spontaneous processes.  As I’ve mentioned in past books, at one time the human personality was “more at one with itself”.  It accommodated unconscious and conscious experience more equitably.  Man was more aware of his dreams and so-called unconscious activity.
“It is only because civilized man has somewhat overspecialized in the use of one kind of knowledge over another that people fear the unconscious, spontaneous portions of the self.  The fear alone causes them to block out still more and more unconscious knowledge. Since the spontaneous portions are so related to bodily activity, they are very important in facilitating good health, and when people feel divorced from their spontaneous selves, they also feel divorced to the same extent from their own bodies.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 4, 1984)

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