Monday, December 17, 2018

The Arts

In our technology-seduced society, it's easy to overlook the arts.  Seth often talks about Value Fulfillment as the fundamental driving force behind existence in physical reality for humans, all life forms, Gaia, atoms and molecules, etc.  I think it's pretty obvious that, without the arts, humans would not find true Value Fulfillment; true expressions of love, wonder and exuberance; a true channel connecting the Inner World and Outer World.  If that happened, the civilization as we know it would cease to play in this epoch and we would simply move on to more interesting epochs and realities.

“Early artists drew pictures to share the images they saw in their dreams. In a fashion, they practiced dreaming in their sleep, and thus learned also to think in terms of the measurement of physical images, and to move objects around in their minds before they did so physically.
“Poetry was an art and a science.  It conveyed quite necessary information about man and the universe. The same can be said of many cave drawings.  What you had – what you still have, though you are not nearly as aware of it – was an excellent give-and-take between the inner and outer senses.  Through chanting, dancing, playacting, painting, story-telling, man spontaneously translated inner sense data into physical actualization.  The physical senses only present you with clues as to your own sensitivities.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative LivingSession Seventeen)

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