Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rhythms of time

This quote reminds me of Lazaris's description of time as cycles ... be it cycles around the sun or heart beats of caesium atoms.  Our sense of time can only be defined by reference to some vibration, or cyclical phenomenon ... unlike space where, for example, an institute in Paris (until recently) held a platinum bar that was the calibration reference for a meter.  Interestingly, that bar has recently been replaced by an atomic standard.

Melchizedec refers to epochs.  I see that as "nested epochs"; for example, the long cycle (the solar system's oscillations up and down through the galactic plane tracked by the Mayan calendar), within that long cycle there are epochs of evolution, within the latest epoch of evolution are epochs of human history, ... all the way to my personal epoch today of my morning espresso!

Dogen realized that there only is now .... and offers a treisho called "Being Time" which is well worth reading.

In physics, the function of matter really is to create time and space (we typically view it the other way around ... i.e. matter embedded in spacetime).

“You must remember, of course, that the use of clocks is a fairly recent phenomenon. Men thought in terms of rhythms of the time, or of flowing time, not of time in sections that were arbitrary.  So as far as creaturehood is concerned, you have adapted to a time environment that you yourselves have formed. Creative people, again, are often aware of those connections.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative LivingSessionFifteen)

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