Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Christ Image

Kryon often mentions that many people incarnated at this point in time and engaged in spiritual growth carry the weight of past martyr hood and persecution ... but all that can be released during the ascension and it's about pursuing a spiritual ideal without fear.  Both the past and the future arise in each moment ... so the choice is ours.

Do we drive our vehicle looking out the rear view mirror (i.e. focused on "fixing" the past) or do we look out the windshield and choose where we're going.  It seems so obvious when driving a car ... now to live that!


“The Christ image is often used because it so perfectly represents the combination of the grandiose self, as per the all-knowing son of God, and the martyred victim who is crucified precisely because of his lofty position.
“The Christ figure represents the exaggerated, idealized version of the inner self that the individual feels incapable of living up to.  He feels he is being crucified by his own abilities.  He may – or of course she may – on other occasions receive messages from the devil, or demons, which on their part represent the person’s feelings about the physical self that seems to be so evil and contradictory in contrast to the idealized image.  Again, there is great variety of behavior here.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 921)

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