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Frank DeMarco - Control over Health

Control over Health

DeMarco, Frank. The Sphere and the Hologram: Explanations from the Other Side (Kindle Locations 1858-1867). Hologram Books. Kindle Edition.

R: I want to move to the health and healing area, and first I’d like to ask the extent to which our physical health is under our own mental control. 

TGU: Well, we hate to be pedantic, but it depends on what you mean by all of those definitions: “we,” “control,” “physical” –  

Let’s go back over the definitions. 

You are human beings, of course. But what are you as a human being? How many levels? If you mean “what kind of control do we have as conscious Downstairs individuals [that is, those who are primarily conscious only of the physical world],” it’s an entirely different question from “what kind of control do we have to the extent that we are at a larger and larger integration with other parts of ourselves.” You see, the question determines the answer, really.

Those who are not in touch with their own unconscious mind and not in touch with the intuitive perceiver that you call the right brain – in other words, those who are logic-oriented and sense-driven, have only the most indirect control over their own health. They really can do very little other than physical things that will have a physical result. Their best bet is to stay out of the way and let the automatic mechanisms of the body do the best they can. And the best way to stay out of the way is to maintain a cheerful attitude, follow sensible rules, and if they have a physical problem, deal with it in physical terms. Because they have such a limited tool chest. 

Now, those who are working only Downstairs, but are highly intuitive, will extend their tool chest. They will have the ability to know what they should do, what they should eat, how they should be; and what they’re doing to harm or help their health. There’ll be no conflict between their intuitions and their habits. They won’t get sick as often. They’ll have everything the first set had, but they will seem to be “lucky.” It’ll look like they’re always fortunate. 

At the next higher level are people who have integrated intuition and logic, they’re living in a sensible and an intuitive way and beyond that have become aware of other resources. Other modalities as they say. Energy-body work for instance. They’ll be able to do everything that the second ones can do, and more, because they will be moving their control to another level of being. As Frank says, they’ll be able to “load the dice.” They will be able to assist their own unconscious processes by focusing them. They’ll say – and you’ve done it many times – “you need some healing energy here.” They may not know how to do it exactly, but they don’t need to know how to do it; they know how to direct it, and that’s all that’s needed. 

Then, next level up after that is more conscious control of more of the automatic mechanism. Beyond that is greater, wider, deeper, surer, more constant connection with what you call Upstairs, and it is as though it puts control of the health in the hands of a wiser, more far-seeing part of the person. When you do energy work, you are running the energy through yourself and help heal yourself while you’re helping someone else heal. The ultimate is when, as Jesus said, “I and the father are one.” What he meant was, “that energy is coming right through me.” Flowing through, and without the distinction, it gives the ability to raise from the dead. Literally. 

Now, we know that’s a long answer, but it’s the real answer. 

R: As more and more control is given over to the higher energies, is it an automatic state, in that one has turned over that kind of control to the higher self? 

TGU: When we say turn it over, it’s not throwing up your hands; it’s like being a steward of larger energies. The greater energies are there to be used and you are able to channel them more. Before you have the access to the wider energies, there’s nothing for you to use. You know, it’s kept out of your hands, as you keep sharp instruments out of the hands of children. More energies become available to you, but you’re still the one using them. What you said is not wrong, it is true that a lot of it seems more automatic.  

We would caution you however that the purpose of life is not necessarily the avoidance of illness. Illness or disease or accidents (so-called) are not necessarily failures, but, as Jules Verne used to say, “incidents, not accidents.” They may have their own purpose.

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