Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our universe in a musical metaphor

The poetry of this is really inspiring!

“There are phases of relatedness, rhythms and harmonies of consciousness from whose infinite swells the molecular “music” of your universe is sounded.  Your place in those rhythms is highly vital.  You exist in a kind of original interval – though, if you can, think of the word “interval” without the connotations of continuing time.  It is as if an infinite number of orchestras were playing simultaneously, and each note sounded was also played in all of its probable positions with each other note possible, and in combination with all of the probable versions of the entire piece being played.
“Between the notes sounded there would be intervals, and those unsounded intervals would also be part of a massive unstated rhythm upon which the development of the entire sounded production was dependent. The unsounded intervals would also be events, of course, cues for action, triggers for response.

“Your stated universe emerged out of that kind of interval, emerging from a master event whose true nature remains uncaptured by your definitions. … let your imaginations play upon the usual events of your world, and glimpse at least in part that greater brilliance that illuminates them, so that it leads you intuitively to a feeling for the source of events and the source of your world. The units of consciousness that I have mentioned are that, and they do behave as I have said.  They are also in other terms entities, fragments of All That Is, if you prefer – divine fragments of power and majesty, containing all of the powers of consciousness as you think of it, concentrations without substance in your terms.

“There are many other universes besides your own, each following its own intervals, its own harmony.  Your ideas of historic time impede my explanations.  In those terms, your world’s reality stretches back far further than you imagine, and in those terms – you need the qualifications – your ancestors have visited other stars, as your planet has been visited by others.  Some such encounters intersected in space and time, but some did not.  There are endless versions of life.  There are, then, other species like your own, and in the vast spectrums of existence that your reality cannot contain, there have been galactic civilizations that came together when the conditions were right.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2, Session 918)

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