Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Reason and imagination

Lazaris lumps Intuition and Imagination together as one of our two "Bridging Senses" ... the two "senses" we use to connect the Inner Reality and the Outer Reality.  The other "Bridging Sense" is Balance.

Our ideal for human existence in 3D is to be fully aware of all of our senses (the 5 3D physical senses, and their 5 non-3D counterparts) and thus to be a fully functioning extension of our Soul Self into physical reality.

Unfortunately, our love affair with technology and "augmented reality" are seducing us away from that dream and leading us down a path of dysfunction, at least until enough of us wake up and get on the Gaia Ascension "train"!
“You can use your imaginations and intellects in other fashions than you do.  In fact, such fashions are not only genetically possible, but genetically probable. The imagination, of course, deals with the implied universe, those vast areas of reality that are not physically manifest, while reason usually deals with the evidence of the world that is before it.  That statement is generally true, but specifically, of course, any act of the imagination involves reasoning, and any [act] of reason involves imagination.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 917)

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