Monday, July 9, 2018

All creation is happening now

The last sentence in this Seth quote reminds me of Julian Barbour's book "The End of Time".  He realized that time, even relativistically varying time, is only a mathematical convenience, not a necessity.  To that end, he formulated a theory of the physical universe where the universe is not composed of space-time points, but rather "time capsules" ... moments (like frames in a movie film) which arise complete with probable pasts and futures.  We manifest by literally experiencing a sequence of these capsules which we arrange in our perception of linear time.  We create by literally imagining new "capsules".  This theory is largely ignored by the physics community but the idea of no primordial time is accepted in other theories like loop-quantum gravity (see Carlos Rovelli's books).

“In your terms, other universes, with all of their own space and time structures, were created simultaneously, and exist simultaneously.  The effect of looking outward into space, and therefore backward into time, is a kind of built-in convention that appears within your own space-time picture.  ...
“I said that in your terms all universes were created simultaneously – at the same time.  The very sentence structure has time built in, you see, so you are bound to think that I am speaking of an almost indescribable past.  Also, I use time terms, since you are so used yourselves to that kind of categorizing, so here we will certainly run into our first seeming contradiction – when I say that in the higher order of events all universes, including your own, have their original creations occurring now, with all of the pasts and futures built in, and with all of their scales of time winding ever outward, and all of their appearances of space, galaxies and nebulae, and all of their seeming changes, being instantly and originally created in what you think of as this moment.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 919)

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