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Start of Vol 2, the rest of Session 909

Dreams, Evolution, Value Fulfillment Vol 2

Quotes from Seth in ESP Class

… you are a part of nature, and that is your saving grace – that no matter how you try to leave that framework you exist within it, so that you communicate with earth at other levels, even if you refuse to be aware of that communication.  You help the earth survive, no matter how you might at times deny that heritage. (February 11, 1977)

Each breath you take is a breath of quality.  All you have to do is realize that each breath you take ultimately reaches to the ends of the universe and helps uphold your world. (December 12, 1978)

Now, the creative abilities do not just help you write books, or paint pictures, play the piano, compose.  The creative abilities are largely responsible for keeping you alive.  Your cells are creative.  Every act you perform is creative.  Your creative self, your spontaneous, creative self – that self that speaks through your impulses – keeps you alive.  (September 29, 1979)

Chapter 7:  Genetics and Reincarnation. Gifts and “Liabilities”. The Vast Sweep of the Genetic and Reincarnational Scales. The Gifted and the Handicapped.

Your species as a species includes the idiot and the genius, the stupid and the wise, the athletic, the deformed, the beautiful and the ugly, and all variations in between.  There are genetic cultures operating, then, of literally infinite variety, and they each have their place and their reason, and they each fit into the overall picture – not only of man’s reality but of the planet’s reality, including all of nature.

Your religious ideas have often told you that deformities at birth were the result of the parent’s sins cast upon the children, or that another kind of punishment was involved in terms of “karma”.  In terms of biology, people talk about coming from good stock or bad stock, and even those designations imply moral judgments.

The entire idea of reincarnation has been highly distorted by other religious concepts.  It is not a psychological arena composed of crime and punishment.  Again, you have free will in the conditions of your life, given the characteristics that are your own.  The great facility and adaptability of the human species are dependent upon an amazing interplay between genetic preciseness and genetic freedom.  The very characteristics and attributes of the species, its dependability and integrity, are dependent upon constant checks and balances, the existence of divergent characteristics against which the species can measure itself.

The species is also always in the process of keeping within its genetic bank millions of characteristics that might be needed in various contingencies, and in that regard, there is a connection, of course, between, say, viruses of many strains and the health not only of man but of other species.

The possibility of creative change must always be present to insure the species’ resiliency, and that resiliency can show in many ways – in conditions that you consider deformities, disabilities from birth, or in any physical variation from a hypothetical physical norm.  You all look quite alike, with one head, two arms and legs, and so forth, as a rule.  Such differences or variations are very noticeable at a certain level, if you have more fingers than you are supposed to, or less, or two thumbs to a hand, or any other condition that is considered an abnormality.

There are mental conditions also: the so-called retarded people who do not use their reasoning minds as others do.  There are also, again, highly gifted people, physically or mentally, people who seem to be at times as far from the ordinary person on the gifted scale as an idiot might be [on] the other.  So as we progress, I hope to show where all of these situations fit in with the development of the individual and the species.

At a smaller level of activity such variances of course escape your notice.  You do not know if you have any errant genes unless their effects show themselves.  At microscopic levels, in fact, no one fits any norm, and there is no way to predict with complete certainty the development of any genetic element.  You can make group predictions, and overall make certain judgments, but other elements are involved, so that any particular genetic element cannot be pinned down in terms of its development.  This is because its activity is also involved with relationships that do not show in any of your calculations.

Your thoughts, feelings, desires and intents, your reincarnational knowledge as well, modify that structure, bring certain latent characteristics into actualization, minimize others, as through the experience of your life you use your free will and constant make new decisions.

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