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Session 932 - remote sensing

Dreams, Evolution, Fulfillment: Session 932

Again, master events are those that most significantly affect your system of reality, even though the original action was not physical but took place in the inner dimension.  Most events appear both in time and out of it, their action distributed between an inner and outer field of expression.  Usually you are aware only of event’s exterior cores.  The inner processes escape you.

Those inner processes, however, also give many clues as to some native abilities that you have used “in the past” as a species.  Those inner processes do sometimes emerge, then.  Here is an example.

One morning last weekend Ruburt found himself suddenly and vividly thinking about some married friends.  They lived out of town, separated in time by a drive of approximately half an hour.  Ruburt found himself wishing that the friends lived closer, and he was suddenly filled with a desire to see them.  He imagined the couple at the house, and surprised himself by thinking that he might indeed call them later in the day and invite them down for the evening, even though he and Joseph had both decided against guests that weekend.

Furthermore, Ruburt did not like the idea of making an invitation on such short notice.  Then he became aware that those particular thoughts were intrusive, completely out of context with his immediately previous ones, for only a moment or so earlier he had been congratulating himself precisely because he had made no plans for the day or evening at all that would involve guests or other such activities.  Very shortly he forgot the entire affair.  Then, however, about fifteen minutes later he found the same ideas returning, this time more insistently.

They lasted perhaps five minutes.  Ruburt then noticed them and forgot them once again.  This time, however, he decided not to call his friends, and he went about his business.  In about a half hour the same mental activity returned, and finding himself struck by this, Ruburt mentioned the episode to Joseph and again cast it from his mind.

By this time, it was somewhat later in the day.  Ruburt and Joseph ate lunch, and the mail arrived.  There was a letter written the morning before by the same friends that had been so much on Ruburt’s mind.  They mentioned going on a trip and specifically asked if they could visit that same afternoon.  From the way the letter was written, it seemed as if the friends – call them Peter and Polly – had already started on their journey that morning, and would stop in Elmira on their return much later toward evening.  There was no time to answer the letter, of course.

Peter and Polly would be on the road, it seemed, unreachable by phone, though they had included the number of their answering service, and had also written that they would call before leaving – yet no such call had been received.

It would be simple enough, of course, to ascribe Ruburt’s thoughts and feelings to mere coincidence.  He remembered the vividness of his feelings at the time, however.  It looked as if Peter and Polly were indeed going to arrive almost as if Ruburt had in fact called and invited them.  That evening the visit did take place.  Actually, some work had prevented the couple from leaving when they intended.  Instead, they called later from their home to say that they were just beginning the trip, and would stop on their way.

Ruburt was well prepared for the call by then, and for the visit.  Now the visit and Ruburt’s earlier feelings and thoughts were part of the same event, except that his subjective experience gave him clues as to the inner processes by which all events take place.  More is involved than the simple question: Did he perceive the visit precognitively?  More is involved than the question: Did he perceive his information directly from the minds of his friends, or from the letter itself, which had already been mailed, of course, and was on its way to Ruburt at the time?

What you have is a kind of inner backbone of perception – a backup program, so to speak, an inner perceptive mechanism with its own precise psychological tuner that in one way or another operates within the field of your intent.  This is somewhat like remote sensing, or like an interior radar equipment that operates in a psychological field of attention, so that you are somewhat aware of the existence of certain events that concern you as they come into the closer range of probabilities with which you are connected.

In a certain fashion, you “step into the event” at that level.  You accept or reject it as a probability.  You make certain adjustments, perhaps altering particular details, but you step into and become part of the inner processes – affecting, say, the shape or size or nature of the event before it becomes a definite physical actuality.

For centuries that is the main way in which man dealt with the events of his life or tribe or village.  Your modern methods of communication are in fact modeled after your inner ones.  Ruburt’s thoughts almost blended in enough to go relatively unnoticed.  They were almost innocuous enough to be later accepted as coincidence.  They did have, however, an extra intentness and vitality and peculiar insistence – qualities that he has learned are indicative of unusual psychological activity.  The point is that in most such cases the subjective recognition of an approaching event flows so easily and transparently into your attention, and fits in so smoothly with the events of the day, as to go unnoticed.  You help mold the nature and shape of events without realizing it, overlooking those occasions when the processes might show themselves.

When they do, you might question: Could it be possible that you really were perceiving an action ahead of time?  Later, some people more stubborn than others might try to “prove” that some events are definitely precognitively perceived – but the point is that all events are precognitively perceived, and that you actually step into an event, become part of it, reject it, accept the certain version you have “picked up”, or exert yourself to make certain changes that affect the nature of the event itself.

Even the conscious mind contains much more information about the structure of events than you realize you possess.  The physical perceiving apparatuses of all organizations carry their own kinds of inner systems of communication, allowing events to be manipulated on a worldwide basis before they take on what appears to be their final definitive physical occurrences in time and space.

Individually and globewide, value fulfillment is in a fashion the purpose of all events.  Value fulfillment, again, is the impetus that drives the wheels of nature, so to speak.  As the origin of your world did indeed emerge from the “world of dreams”, so the true root of all events lie in such subjective activities, and the answers to individual challenges and problems are always within your grasp, ready to appear in physical actuality.

In the next chapter I hope to show you the importance of value fulfillment in your own life, and give you clues that will allow you to take better advantage of your own subjective and objective opportunities for such development.

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