Friday, December 2, 2016

Session 905

CHAPTER 6: Genetic Heritage and Reincarnational Predilections

Session 905

We have been trying to form some kind of a neurological bridge in order to convey some particularly pertinent material for our book.  This is the cause of Ruburt’s sense of disorientation.

He did pick up our next chapter heading: “Genetic Heritage and Reincarnational Predilections”, and I am trying to give him this other material at different levels.  Then later it will indeed be translated into suitable English sentences.

We are also dealing with probabilities, and the information has to do with those data you finally accept as physical experience, why you accept it, where it comes from, and where those events “go” that you do not experience.  All of this is connected with the genetic information that any individual receives from the biological bank that belongs to the species at large, and from the inner reincarnational bank.  We will see that Ruburt receives the information that he needs at the necessary levels, so that the material can be verbalized.  All of this is intimately connected with those areas in which free will can be utilized, freely, to turn probable events into physically perceived ones.

I am coming through now simply to give you this explanation.  On his own levels also, Ruburt is undergoing rather accelerated healing processes – you might say at microscopic levels.

One point before I close for this evening: He was quite correct in his interpretation as he watched your expression one evening while you slept – and it was no coincidence that he awakened to see it.  You were deeply involved in overall healing processes of your own, in which certain comprehensions on your part were conveyed to the various organs of your body, so that your body came into a far better overall relationship.  That relationship was also responsible for [your] eye improvements, and Ruburt was able to perceive differences in you before you were aware of them at all.

Ruburt’s sense of disorientation is also partially the result of healing processes within his own body, and altering relationships – again, at intimate microscopic levels – which send their new “healing tremors” upward through the various formations of matter, so tell him to enjoy it.

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