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Session 931

Dreams, evolution, value fulfillment: Session 931

Time overlays are versions of master events, in that they occur in such a fashion that one “face” of an overall event may appear in one time, one in another, and so forth.

Time overlays are the time versions of certain events, then.  These time overlays always exist.  They may become activated, however, by certain associations made in your present, and therefore draw into your present time some glimpses either from the future or the past.  So-called present time is thickened, then, by a psychological realization on deep levels of the psyche that all events are interrelated, and that the reincarnational experiences of any given individual provide a rich source of experience from which each person at least unconsciously draws.

Such usually unconscious knowledge is of great benefit to the species itself, so that at certain levels, at least, the knowledge of the species is not imprisoned within any given generation at once, but flows or circulates within the overall larger reincarnational picture.  Probabilities are very much involved here, of course, and it is easier for particular events to fall within one time sequence than another.

I do not want you to feel that you are fated to experience certain events, however, for that is not the case.  There will be “offshoots” of the events of your own lives, however, that may appear as overlays in your other reincarnational existences.  There are certain points where such events are closer to you than others, in which mental associations at any given time may put you in correspondence with other events of a similar nature in some future or past incarnation, however.  It is truer to say that those similar events are instead time versions of one larger event.  As a rule, you experience only one time version of any given action.  Certainly, it is easy to see how a birthday or anniversary, or particular symbol or object, might serve as an associative connection, rousing within you memories of issues or actions that might have happened under similar circumstances in other times.

Actually, that kind of psychological behavior represents the backbone of social organization as far as the species is concerned, and it is the usually hidden but definite past and future memories of reincarnational relationships that cement social organizations, from small tribes to large governments.

To a certain extent, of course, you have been or will be each related to the other.  In that light, all of the events of time rub elbows together.  You brush against the elbow of a future or past event every moment of your lives.

In the culture that you know, such information remains hidden from you.  Your main belief systems lead you to feel that your present life is singular, unsupported by any knowledge of prior experience with existence, and fated to be cut off or dead-ended without a future.  Instead, you always carry the inner knowledge of innumerable available futures.  Your emotional life at certain levels is enriched by the unconscious realization that those who love you from past or future are connected to you by special ties that add to your emotional heritage and support.

As many have supposed, particularly in fiction, love relationships do indeed survive time, and they put you in a special correspondence.  Even if you were aware of reincarnational existences, your present psychological behavior would not be threatened but retain its prominence – for only within certain space and time intersections can physical actions occur.  The more or less general acceptance of the theory of reincarnation, however, would automatically alter your social systems, add to the richness of experience, and in particular insert a fresh feeling for the future, so that you did not feel your lives dead-ended.

Earlier I mentioned several times that we must reach a point at which you are able to see around the corner of seemingly contradictory material, and this is one of those occasions.  Time overlays present you with a picture in which you have free will – yet each event that you choose will have its own time version.  Now those time versions may be entirely different one from the others, and while you certainly initiate your own time version, in terms of usual understanding there is no true place or time in which that version can be said to actually originate.

Such a time version suggests an occurrence in time, of course, and yet the event may leave only a ghostly track, so to speak, being hardly manifest, while in another life that time version may be of considerable prominence – while in your own experience it represents a fairly trivial incident of an ordinary afternoon.

The inner core of events, however, is held together by just that kind of activity.  You are at every hand provided an unending source of probable events from past and future, from which to compose the events of your lives and society.  Again, let me remind you that all time exists simultaneously.

In an experience last evening in the dream state, Ruburt received fresh evidence by viewing for himself portions of two other lives – merely snatches of environment, but so dearly filled with precious belongings and loved ones, so alive with immediacy – that he was shocked to realize that the full dimensions of existence could continue so completely in such detail and depth at the same time as his present life.

It seemed that he could step from any one such existence to the other as you might walk from one room to the other, and he knew that at other levels of the psyche this was indeed possible – and, of course, at other levels of the psyche those psychological doors are open.

Ruburt has had particular difficulty, however, with “the theory of reincarnation”, because as it is usually described, it seemed that people used it to blame as the source of current misfortune, or as an excuse for personal behavior whose nature they did not otherwise understand, and it has been so maligned.  Its reality, however, serves to generate activity throughout time’s framework as you understand it, to unite the species, to reinforce structures of knowledge, to transmit information, and perhaps most of all to reinforce relationships involving love, brotherhood, and cooperation between generations of men and women that would otherwise be quite separate and apart from each other.

Through such relationships, for example, say, the cavemen and the people of the 22nd century rub elbows, where in strict terms of time the species would seem to be quite disconnected from its “earlier” or “later” counterparts.

Through such behavior, the overall value fulfillment purposes and intents of the species are kept in focus, and those necessary requirements then planted in whatever space or time [is] required. Again, free will still operates in all such ventures.

Now, while it seems that your world contains more and more information all the time, your particular brand of science is a relatively narrow one, in that it accepts as valid only certain specific areas of speculation.  The areas outside of its boundaries become taboo, so that the realm of the unknown is no longer the material universe or the mysteries of space, but the interior universe and the mysteries of the mind as these are experienced or suspected to exist outside of those official areas.  To that degree, the unknown is more feared by science than it ever was by religion.

Religion was hampered – and is – by its own interpretation of good and evil, but it did not deny the existence of other versions of consciousness, or differing kinds of psychological activity and life.  Reincarnation suggests, of course, the extension of personal existence beyond one time period, independently of one bodily form, the translation or transmission of intelligence through nonphysical frameworks, and implies psychological behavior, memory and desire as purposeful action without the substance of any physical mechanism – propositions that science at its present stage of development simply could not buy, and for which it could find no evidence, for its methods would automatically preclude the type of experience that such evidence would require.

People can become quite frightened, then, of any kind of experiences of a personal nature that imply reincarnational life, for they are then faced with the taboos of science, or perhaps by the distorted explanations of some religions or cults.  You therefore protect yourselves from many quite natural upthrusts that would on their own give you experience with your own reincarnational existences, and you are often denied psychological comfort in times of stress that you might otherwise receive.

I do not necessarily mean that full-blown pictures of other existences would necessarily come into your mind, but that in one way or another you would receive a support or change of mood as those loved by you in other lives [in] one way or another sensed your need and responded.

The entire nature of events, then, exists in a different way than you have supposed, only small portions slicing into the reality that you recognize – yet all underneath connected to a vast psychological activity.  You might compare events to psychological consonants that underlay or underlie the more unusual features of physical psychological environment.

Note 13: Private Session April 15, 1981

… I have said that in almost every case of severe dissatisfaction or illness, the underlying reasons will not so much be found in the discovery or expression of buried hate or aggression – though these may be present – but in the search for expression of value fulfillment that is for one reason or another being denied.

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