Tuesday, January 14, 2020


In the Lazaris tape "Reality Creation, The Basics" they say that we manifest physical reality out of trapped light "functioned by the quantum".  Ramtha in this quote (and previous quotes) expands on the "functioned by the quantum" aspect.

In my website (www.alsworldview.com) I equate what Ramtha calls the quantum field of all possibilities of the universe to the Astral Plane - from which we manifest ("pop") moments of physical experience.  Lazaris refers to the Causal Plane as the function of creating new possibilities in the Astral Plane or activating existing possibilities in the Astral Plane (techniques are described in my website).  

Soul and Spirit are (in my view) feminine and masculine energy perceptions (respectively) of our essence ... "beyond" the "World of Action".

“In the quantum world, our signature is often controlled by an anomaly and phenomenon called the soul, and the soul is the ultimate recordkeeper. Contemplation is the key to expansion, even in quantum flux.  For example, if our mission could be as simple as what I taught you, that indeed God in its eternalness contemplated itself and in contemplation created secondary consciousness and began the magical journey of selfishly experiencing and loving itself, then we are that self and indeed that journey.  The soul kept a record of the projects we started.”
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

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