Thursday, January 9, 2020

"Objects" are experiences

When consciousness is understood to be foundational in reality ... then scientific materialism is seen as a gross simplification and misunderstanding.  Quantum mechanics is actually a social science describing probable behaviour of various groups of consciousness that we know as atomic or subatomic particles!

“When we talk, as it were, about objects being experiences, not objects, then we are also talking about particles, indeed, being experiences rather than simply deadpan dust.  They are actually fighting and alive.  That is a key here, because if all the particles that comprise your quantum field are also existing in a past, present, and future possibility, then they are multidimensional and mutiunlimited.  Their capacity towards experience in a grouping is infinite, and no one has the math to infinity.”
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

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