Thursday, January 23, 2020

Owning your addictions

This Ramtha quote reminds me of the Lazaris comment that true change happens in an instant (between moments) and unfolds in time according to our beliefs, etc.  They also commented that true change isn't about fixing an existing a reality ... rather it's about creating a whole new reality (past, present and future).

“Every climax that you need is an addiction and needs to be owned with the attitude behind it.  When that is owned and brought back into mind as that which you have mastered and conquered, then the moment you have owned it this state reappears as the new state. That means for all people, places, things, times, and events in your life – the corridor of projection from this state – your life isn’t changed, isn’t an evolution towards change, and isn’t a slow realization.  It is instantly changed in what we referred to earlier as parallel states, infinite possible states.”
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

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