Friday, March 1, 2019

Different kinds of knowledge

Here’s Seth’s deep thought for the day.

When you read this, it becomes readily apparent how little we “know” or understand with our fixation on materialism and technology.  The avatars of old “knew” more than us … they could do things we would consider magic, defying the laws of physics.

Love is right up there in terms of something magical and equally unknowable intellectually!

“You think, for example, without consciously knowing how you do so, and you speak long sentences without consciously being aware at the beginning of the sentence what the conclusion will be.
“This does not mean that you must forever remain in ignorance, but it does mean that there are different kinds of knowledge, and that all of your information does not come by reasoning alone.  You grew from a fetus into an adult, for instance, so obviously, some part of you does know how to perform such an amazing activity as the growth and care of the physical body.  The reasoning mind alone, however, cannot by itself grow even the smallest cell, or activate the life of even one molecule, yet the growth and maintenance of the body is constant.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session March 10, 1984)

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